Starters’ Guide

Transport & Parking

Schiphol Airport to KoA: JVD Open & Bastion Hotel (& Van der Valk)

From Schiphol Airport to Eindhoven there’s a direct connection by train twice an hour. You can check your travel schedule using the online travel planner here. From = Schiphol, To= Eindhoven station. From the train station there is a bus to the venue: Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven (bus stop is Fontys Hogescholen, Theo Koomenlaan, Eindhoven), the Van der Valk Hotel (bus stop: Hotel Eindhoven, Eindhoven) and the Bastion Hotel (bus stop Burgemeester Mollaan, Waalre), in that order.

Hotel Bastion (& Hotel van der Valk) to KoA: JVD Open

See the infographic for bus, taxi and car travel to the KOA-location.

Be aware: roadworks Antwerp > Eindhoven (A21/A67)

Please be aware of planned roadworks on the highway A67. Coming from Antwerp on the A21 the adjoining road A67 in the Netherlands will be closed between the Belgium/Dutch border until Hapert between Friday November 16th 21:00h until Saturday November 17th 9:00h.


Parking is available next to the venue, at a parking garage. It is not big enough to accommodate all, but there are two additional parking areas. Please be aware these are situated 750m from the venue. The official parking is the one near the swimming pool, which will be indicated and we will run a shuttle service between the parking and venue. For your convenience there will be a kiss & ride zone (drop-off zone) in front of the venue. If you come by car from the Hotel Bastion via the road indicated on the infographic, you will pass an alternative parking, “Velddoornweg”. We do not host a shuttle service from that parking, but you are free to park here.


We are happy to welcome more than 700 archers to our tournament. To avoid long queues on Saturday morning, we will open the accreditation desks on Friday evening between 19:00h – 21:00h. For your and our convenience, we appreciate archers collecting their accreditation on Friday!

Friday practice

For those wanting to practice on the Friday, Archery Club OGIO will open their clubhouse from 16:00 till 23:00 for you to practice. A fee of 5 euros will be asked to cover the costs of practice.
The club is located at Amazonelaan 4, 5631KW Eindhoven. You can reach them by public transport, but there will also be a small van that will drive up and down from the Bastion Hotel from 15:30 to 23:00. Be aware that there are limited spaces available in the shuttle and to avoid disappointment reserve a place by email:

Competition format

Each Saturday shooting session starts with a 15-minute warm-up followed by 2 x 30 arrow rounds. On Sunday your shooting session time is determined by Saturday’s results. Sunday’s session begins with a 15 minute warm-up followed by one 30 arrow round. For those who didn’t qualify for finals directly (top 8), a joker round will be shot, in which the last spot in the finals for each category is determined. The last part of our competition is our spectacular final, a show of great archery presented in an exciting atmosphere. For detailed rules and regulations check our rulebook here.


A variety of food and drink items are available at the venue, including the on-site resturant. Options include a variety of hot food, snacks, and more.

Nerves of Steel

The legendary Nerves of Steel shoot takes place at the main venue on the Saturday evening. This event has sold out within a minute in past editions, and it promises to be an extraordinary side-event at Kings of Archery: JVD Open this year too! Those who were too late to enter are welcome to stay and watch the action.


If you have any other questions you can contact us by email at or via Facebook messenger.