Find the most asked questions right here! if your question is not listed below, please get in touch with us via info@kingsofarchery.com, facebook or instagram!

Questions about registration

Registration will open the 2nd September at 19:00. Find our registration page on the this page or go to this link

The registration fee is €95,- this is excluding a booking fee of €1,- and a bankfee depending on your payment method. You are able to pay with Creditcard, Bancontact, iDeal, Sofort and Paypal.

Yes, that’s correct, the session assignment for sunday is based on the score you shot on saturday. The target assignment will be published on our website, send via email and available at the registration desk after all Saturday session results are verified. 

Session 2 and 3 are very popular every year, if any of the sessions is sold-out you can only pick a session that is not sold-out. 

You have 15 minutes to complete your registration, if you exceed the 15 minutes and have not payed yet, your ticket will become available for purchase again. You have to try again.

No, your coach does not need to register. Coaches are not allowed on the field of play during the qualification rounds due to the limited amount of space we have at the venue. Coaches are only allowed to assist archers with a disability. Archers with an disability will be contacted by the organisation after registration.  

During the finals, each finalist is allowed one coach on the final field.

Yes you can, please mention during registration, when you are not able to leave the shootingline, that you are in a wheelchair so we know we have to make sure you have more space on the line. An assistant is allowed to collect your arrows.


Please note, the field of play has limited space which can make it challenging moving around in a wheelchair.

Send an email with your name, class, what you would like to change to info@kingsofarchery.com .


If you are not able to join the action, you can cancel your registration by sending an email to info@kingsofarchery.com

When you do so 2 weeks prior to the tournament we will refund 85% of your registration fee. If you cancel your registration less than 2 weeks prior to the tournament we will not refund your registration fee. 

All classes need a minimum of 32 archers to be defined as a separate class. When there are less than 32 archers Men and Women are merged based on equipment style. In this example, Barebow Men and Barebow Women are merged into the Barebow Category.

Questions about rules

Go to the menu -> tournament -> rules.


Yes, you are allowed to have electronics on your bow like; lightkits, SteadyAim, Sweetspot, Mantis, bowdometer, etc. You are also allowed to use your phone on the field of play.

The maximum arrow diameter allowed is 27/64” or 10,7mm.  

During qualification you have 120 seconds (90 seconds green, 30 seconds orange) to shoot 3 arrows. In a shoot-off you have 40 seconds for 1 arrow. Time and signals will be displayed on the shooting field. 

Kings of Archery Venue

Check out everything you need to know about our venue in this link Your Visit 

Check out everything you need to know about our venue in this link Your Visit 

Pets are not allowed to enter the venue. Certified service/guide dogs are allowed to accompany you.  

Yes. We have press accreditations available at the registration desk. You will be required to fill in a form.  

Yes, you can! Please send an e-mail to volunteer@kingsofarchery.com that you’re interessed. 

There are 2 archery clubs nearby that are welcoming KOA archers for a small fee on Thursday evening and Friday during the day, both at 7 km from the KOA venue: 

  • VZOD Zeelst, Blaarthemseweg 84, 5502 JW Veldhoven; 
  • OGIO, Amazonenlaan 4, 5631 KW Eindhoven.