Kings of Archery

The main tournament consists of three, 30 arrow rounds in a Vegas-inspired format. The first two rounds are shot on the Saturday, after which archers are ranked per division, and target allocations made for the Sunday, when the final 30 arrow round will be shot. For categories with a shoot-off final, the top 8 archers, (or if more than 8 shoot 900, all 900-shooters) in the category after the Sunday morning qualify, with a final place being determined by the lucky winner of the Joker Round.

Make sure you are familiar with the rules – take a look at the Rulebook. Download our rulebook here!

Nerves of SteelKOA_DA1_0414

Participation in the Nerves of Steel tournament is at your own risk. Damage to your arrow is very likely to happen.

Every archer will shoot, one arrow at a time, at a steel target with a “safe zone” in the middle. If the archer shoots the arrow in the “safe zone” he/ she will continue to the next round where we will make the “safe zone” smaller. The biggest “safe zone” in round one is 12cm, the smallest is only 2cm! If you miss the “safe zone” you are out of the competition. If your arrow is in the safe zone but broken, damaged or in anyway not shootable anymore you are out of competition. If you or the organization is not sure about the condition of your arrow, the organization has the final call. We will keep shooting till there is only one archer left! For Nerves of Steel, RECURVE ARCHERS NEED TO SHOOT CARBON ARROWS FOR SAFETY REASONS!