Kings of Archery Series: JVD Open

Kings of Archery Series: JVD Open uses a unique competition format based on an IFAA Vegas round. Don’t worry, it’s easy to follow, but you want to familiarise yourself with the rules ahead of the event you are in the right place

Tournament Rules

The tournament consists of three, 30-arrow rounds in a Vegas-inspired format, but with modified scoring. Compound archers shoot scoring 10 points for the inner and “recurve” ten, identical to a standard Vegas round, while recurve and barebow archers use a unique Kings of Archery system where the complete yellow zone gets you ten points and all other scoring zones follow standard WA scoring. All competitors shoot the first two rounds (a total of 60 arrows) on Saturday. At the end of the day, all archers are ranked per division. This ranking determines your target and shooting session for Sunday. The final 30-arrow round is shot on Sunday. 

For adult barebow, recurve and compound catagories a shoot of final is held. Did you shoot one of those catagories and a perfect 900 score? Congratulations! You are in. If there are less than eight archers shooting 900 in the catagory then finals places are filled based on the final ranking for that division.

A final place in the shoot off final for each division is reserved for the winner of the Joker round. This round is open to all archers who didn’t make the cut, up to a max of 200 per division based on final ranking. In this way you get one last chance to join the Kings of Archery hall of fame!

That was the quick version – but download our rulebook here!