Nerves of Steel

Maybe the excitement of the main event is not enough? Nerves of Steel is a showcase side event that puts your nerve to the test…

Nerves of Steel

This last man standing, one arrow shoot off format adds has an extra twist. Will your arrow survive? 

Lights are on you and the crowd is watching. Each participating archer shoots a single arrow at a steel target with a 12cm “safe zone” in the middle. If your arrow is in the “safe zone” you continue to the next round. If you miss, it’s the end of the road for you – and your arrow!

With each round the “safe zone” is smaller. By the final round the safe zone is just 2cm! How confident are you your shot will be an inside out X?


If your arrow is in the safe zone but broken, damaged or not shootable (as deemed by the organisation) – you are out of competition. If you miss the “safe zone” you are out of the competition.

Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing? 

Be aware, participation in the Nerves of Steel tournament is at your own risk! Damage to your arrow is very likely to happen. RECURVE ARCHERS NEED TO SHOOT CARBON ARROWS FOR SAFETY REASONS!