KoA and JVD Archery combine forces!

A Premium Level, Vegas Style Event in Europe – Kings of Archery and JVD Archery combine forces to present the JVD Open.

On 17 and 18 November 2018 the first edition of the annually recurring ‘JVD Open’ will take place in Eindhoven.  JVD Archery and KoA will combine forces to organize a go-to event – consisting of a tournament, exhibition and seminar programme – for all members of the archery community to enjoy and learn from.

We are happy to collaborate with JVD Archery, one of the leading distributors of archery products worldwide, to create one of the biggest NFAA style tournament. At the tournament, leading archery suppliers will present their latest product releases, and seminars will be given by some of the biggest names in archery. A multi-aspect event for all archery fanatics to enjoy and learn from, making it the go-to event, for everyone from beginner to World Champion, to improve their skills and knowledge.

The JVD Open aims to be the largest IFAA-900 format tournament outside Vegas, and by having the space to host archers of all competitive levels, will offer an special opportunity for archers to take part not only in this highly enjoyable event format but also allow everyone from the top names in the sport to the casual competitors to shoot alongside each other.

This collaboration, between our own Sander Dolderman, and Johan van Drunen, archer and CEO of JVD Archery, builds on the well-deserved success of our tournament the past 7 years and takes it to the next level. With the addition of a 200m2 exhibition floor for suppliers to present their best and newest products, and by greatly expanding the seminar program across a range of archery related topics, the JVD Open provides a place where all can learn about the very latest products and technical developments in the sport – directly from those archers and manufacturers at the forefront of the game.

The JVD Open will be a key event in the Kings of Archery Series.