Seminar Program

We are proud to announce our seminar program for Saturday.





Seminar Room 1

Seminar Room 2


Seminars during Shooting Session 1: 08.00-11.00

10.00 | 11.00

PRIME: bow set up and technical tuning

  • History of Prime
  • Discussion of Prime Technology
  • Setting up a Prime bow
  • Tuning/Adjusting a Prime bow
  • Questions and Answers

Tim Checkeroski Michael Collins

Product Launch:

A New Risers family – Changing the Game


Seminars during Shooting Session 2: 11.30-14.30

11.30 | 12.30

Q&A session with Braden Gellenthien

This seminar will be the opportunity for you to ask any question of your to choice to Braden.

Braden Gellenthien


Get all insights on how our arrows are being built.

Jayson Bentcik, Technic Sales Manager

  12.30 | 13.30

The way to the Olympics

In this seminar Steve Wijler & Sjef van den Berg will give you insights on how they are preparing themselves for the Olympics. Curious to what they are doing preparing for Tokyo please join this seminar!

Steve Wijler
Sjef van den Berg

Win & Win: Born to Win

This seminar will focus on the stability of the riser and flexibility of the limbs

  13.30 | 14.30


In this seminar you will get all information about the Hoyt products

Douglas Denton, Recurve Engineering Manager
rian Gold, Senior Product Engineer/Asst. Engineering Mgr


Seminars during Shooting Session 3: 15.00-18.00

15.00 | 16.00

Physical & Training: How to hit your goal!

Strengthen up you A-game;
An insight into (archery specific) strength and conditioning training on both theoretical and practical approach.

Marc Remie,
Peter Elzinga,
Professional Archer


  16.00 | 17.00

George Ryals

New form fixes for old archery problems. Sometimes Allen wrench adjustments are not the solution.

George Ryals, Archery Wizzard


This session will be for Authorized Hoyt Dealers