Kings of Archery


Qualification will be shot over 90 arrows. 60 arrows on Saturday and 30 arrows on Sunday. On Saturday we will be shooting AB/CD for the first 10 ends and will switch to CD/AB after that. At the switching point you also change your face from top to bottom or vice versa. On Sunday we will be shooting AB/CD for the first 5 ends and will switch to CD/AB after that. At the switch point you will change your face from top to bottom or vice versa. There is a time limit of 2 minutes per end.

You are allowed to shoot arrows with a maximum size of 27/64 or 10,7 mm. (Like Easton 2712, Goldtip XXX or Carbon express Tank).

You are responsible to change your own target faces. You can let it hang the entire 30 arrows if preferred. Mark your hit as sometimes an arrow goes through the target.

Final 8

All top-8 archers after the 90 arrow q-round will be selected to shoot the grand final. However if there are more than 8 archers with a 900 score they all will advance to the final.


In this shoot-off you can earn a spot in the final 8 by shooting-off against all others in your category that didn’t make the final 8.

The shoot-off will be shot as followed: Archers will get NO practice end before starting the shoot-off. Then one arrow will be shot on a spot of choice, score the first arrow in regular scoring mode (CP X-10-9-8-7-6 & RC X-X-10-8-7-6). If there are shooters tied for maximum score they will shoot-off again now scoring (CP X-9-9-8-7-6 & RC X-10-9-8-7-6). If there are shooters tied for maximum score they will shoot-off again closest to the center will win. You will shoot with max. 6 archers per target, you can shoot a spot of choice as long as its on your target.

The archer that wins, will be added to the final 8.

Final 8 + Joker

Every archer making the final will make an individual entrance, guided by their own favorite walk-up song. All archers start with a 3 arrow practice round. The final will be an end-by-end last man standing knock out round. Where the archer with a score less than the maximum score shot in that end will step down. If there are archers tied with the maximum score that end they will shoot again. After two ends of regular scoring, compound will score 10-9-9-8-7-6 and recurve will score X-10-9-8-7-6.


Scoring will be done by hand on paper and/or electronically by device, instructions will be present at the tournament. In a case of miss-scoring, paper score is leading, in case of a miss-calculation, lowest score will count.


A protest has to be brought to the attention of a referee, the referee can decide based on the rules if escalation to DOS is needed. DOS has the final verdict in a decision.

Nerves of SteelKOA_DA1_0414

Participation in the nerves of steel tournament is at own risk. Damage to your arrow is very likely to happen.

Every archer will shoot one arrow at a time at a steel target with a “Safe zone“ in the middle. If the archer shoots the arrow in the “Safe zone” he/she will continue to the next round where we will  make the “Safe zone” smaller. The biggest “Safe zone” in round one is 12cm, the smallest is only 2cm! If you miss the “Safe zone” you are out of competition. Is your arrow in the safe zone but broken, damaged or in anyway not shootable anymore you are out of competition. If you or the organization is not sure about the condition of your arrow, the organization has the final call. We will keep shooting till there is only one archer left!

For safety reasons shooting Nerves of Steel with aluminum arrows on a recurve is prohibited.

Cancel your registration

If you are not able to join the action you can cancel your registration by sending an email to, if you cancel 2 weeks before the tournament or earlier we will refund 80% of the entry fee. We have to make costs and efforts to refund and find a new archers to replace you. If you will resign within 2 weeks prior to the tournament we will not refund your entry fee.